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Speeding Offence Lawyers

Speeding offences continue to be exceedingly common in NSW, but if you receive a speeding ticket it doesn’t automatically mean that you did something wrong. Speeding offence notices can be incorrectly issued, however it is important to prepare yourself for what you may be facing.

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After receiving a speeding offence penalty notice, you may be wondering:

  • Is speeding a criminal offence in NSW?
  • How could a speeding offence impact me and my family?
  • Could a speeding offence affect my ability to work?
  • Can I challenge a speeding fine?

In addition to answering these questions, a speeding offence lawyer can provide you with specialised legal advice and recommendations based on your unique situation.

For example, if you have been issued with a court attendance notice for a speeding offence, or you believe that a speeding offence notice issued to you is incorrect and you were not travelling at the speed alleged at the time, you may wish to challenge it in court.

If you are attending court in relation to a speeding offence, obtaining traffic law representation from a speeding offence lawyer can be highly beneficial. Speeding offence lawyers understand the traffic laws and how best to present your case in court. The professional representation of a speeding offence lawyer will provide you with a stronger defence than if you were to represent yourself, giving you an opportunity for a favourable outcome.

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Our traffic offence lawyers are highly experienced and deal with speeding offence cases. They will prepare an effective speeding offence strategy and guide you through this difficult experience with expert advice and compassion, if you feel that you have been unfairly issued with a speeding ticket.

If you have been issued with a court attendance notice or a speeding offence notice that you wish to challenge, contact our team of speeding offence lawyers. We are ready to provide expert legal advice and representation to you when you need it.

Benjamin Leonardo are a traffic law firm in Sydney, and are conveniently located near the district courts. We understand the strain speeding offence cases have on their clients and families alike, and provide sympathetic and non-judgemental advice and support to their clients. Having defended more than 3,800 cases and with a success rate of over 90%, Benjamin Leonardo provide speeding offence law legal services in Sydney & Parramatta, and provide their clients with informed legal advice and flexible payment terms. If you have been charged with a traffic offence, please contact Benjamin Leonardo on (02) 9283 3033, for your first Consultation.