Criminal Offences

Murder & Manslaughter

In NSW, any act that results in the death of another person is classified as a homicide. As per section 18 of the Crimes Act 1900, homicides are broken into two categories, murder and manslaughter, with murder being the most serious of the two.

Homicide charges are considered to be some of the most serious criminal offences in Australian Courts, attracting significant penalties for individuals who are found guilty. In fact, according to Crime Statistics Australia, 72% of defendants are found guilty of homicide, with 82% of these individuals receiving a custodial order. In NSW a custodial order may be home detention order, treatment detention or full-time imprisonment in gaol.

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Murder is one of the most serious criminal offences, with significant penalties to reflect severity of the crime. Due to the very serious nature of the offence, an indictment for murder will be heard in the Supreme Court.


Manslaughter is one of the most serious criminal offences with significant penalties however is less serious than murder in which charge has a close relationship with.