Client Reviews

With a 90% success rate on our cases we have represented, Benjamin Leonardo – The Defenders are considered to be some of Sydney’s best traffic and criminal defence lawyers. Dedicated to achieving positive outcomes for our clients, we are proud to have received the following client reviews and testimonials.

I am delighted to be able to provide a reference for Leo Premutico, Partner at Benjamin Leonardo.

Leo was referred to us by Senior Counsel on a matter regarding our son. In our first consultation with him we were impressed with the professionalism he displayed in approaching the matter, the speed at which he grasped the essence of the case, the clarity with which he spelt out the law in relation to the case, and the clear and concise advice he gave us in respect of the preparation that was required to be done.

In court, Leo was very strategic in respect of his approach to the Magistrate, his timing of the defence submission, his presentation of the defence case where he emphasised all relevant issues that strengthened the defence. He was respectful but firm, and needless to say we achieved a good result.

Leo is very personable, very approachable, and very responsive, important qualities especially where young persons are concerned. We were impressed by the manner in which he counselled and encouraged our son, and how he was able to make our son feel comfortable in what can be a daunting environment.

We have no hesitation in recommending Leo as an excellent defence lawyer.



I would like to thank Leo Premutico for all his help in my drink driving charge and for getting me a section 10 in this matter. He is very knowledgeable and knows how to handle the matter very well. Leo took the matter very seriously and understood how much I needed my license for my job and went out of his way to help me in this matter. He has a good rapport with the magistrates and other clerical staff and tells you his best advise to proceed when the matter is at court .I would like to again thank Leo on all his work for this matter and will be telling anyone with a legal matter to call on him because he was so good and caring in my matter because I will be if I have any further problems



I am very grateful to Leo Premutico, a partner at Benjamin & Leonardo Criminal Defence Lawyers for the result he achieved for me. What’s great about Leo, is just how personable and understanding he is. I could see that he has put himself into my shoes and saw the situation from my perspective. Leo has great empathy and is very generous with his time. He’s very knowledgeable, experienced, knows the judges well and is pragmatic with his advice.

I could not recommend Leo more highly. If I ever need a lawyer again, and I hope it will never happen, I know who I will come to. Thank you Leo.



Thank you very much for getting the section 10 which is a great result for my wife. We are pleased with the outcome and your handling of the case. We cannot thank you enough for your help. You are fantastic in Court. We appreciate your communication through tough times and your good words gave us a lot of confidence. We will gladly recommend your services to any of my friends or family that may ever need it.

R & S


My fiancé and I were really impressed with the way you spoke in Court for me today! You did an excellent job. Once again thank you very much.



I would like to genuinely thank you for putting your time and effort into my unfortunate case this past year. It has been a stressful year for my family and I. However your service and dedication provided a positive outcome. I wish you nothing but the best. You have been a supportive friend throughout this process.

GH and Family


Thank you and well done on a great outcome. T was up against a lot and your presentation, depth of knowledge and your sell on T’s character sealed a great result for a young woman – thanks.



Just want to say again THANK YOU! Thank you for your amazing representation. The way you worded everything with my case was amazing and I cannot thank you enough. The outcome was unbelievable, I’m still in shock to be honest, but just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. All the best to you and your family. You’re an amazing solicitor and I will definitely pass anyone in a situation like mine your way. Thank you again!



I was recently represented by Leo Premutico of law firm Benjamin & Leonardo concerning matters relating to driving offenses.

From the first conference, Mr Premutico behaved in an extremely professional ad courteous manner and demonstrated a complete knowledge of the relevant Law relating to my matter. After reviewing the facts of the matter, he quickly reached a decision regarding the Sections of Law that would apply and outlined the potential penalties relating to the matter.

There were extenuating circumstances relating to my case which were of an extremely sensitive nature. Mr Premutico was at all times respectful and compassionate. Without labouring unnecessarily on the details of the circumstances, he was decisive in the approach that should be taken and articulated the necessary reasons for the recommended approach.

At Court, Mr Premutico was highly effective in delivering the legal arguments relating to the matter and successfully represented the case to achieve a non-conviction, remission of penalty, and other successful outcomes.

Additionally, the costs the professional services of Benjamin & Leonardo were under 1/3 of the estimated of costs provided by previous legal counsel that was previously engaged to represent the matter and who provided misinformation regarding the law, the application of the law, and the associated penalties.

I would not hesitate to recommend the professional legal services of Leo Premutico Partner at Benjamin & Leonardo firm.



Thank you Ben. I don’t know how you get the results you get me. You’re the best solicitor I’ve ever known by far.