Do I need a lawyer?

Have you recently been charged with a criminal offence or perhaps you’re facing a potential loss of licence due to driving under the influence or dangerous driving charges? Regardless of the offence and its perceived severity, if you plead guilty, our criminal and traffic defence lawyers can help defend your case, which could result in a more favourable outcome.

What is a Criminal or Traffic Lawyer and Do I Need One?

In fact, individuals in Australia have the legal right to decide to be their own representation in Court. However, most people do not have the skill set or knowledge to defend their case effectively, which ends up hurting their case even more. At Benjamin Leonardo, we are criminal defence lawyers based in Sydney, possessing over 29 years of experience and specialising in the defence and representation of a wide range of criminal and traffic matters.

The first step that you should consider when looking for the best criminal lawyer in Sydney to effectively represent your matter, is to determine whether you require assistance in the first place. Many people have the perception that only serious crimes require the expertise of good criminal lawyers and that lesser crimes such as traffic offences are insignificant, therefore the extra cost of hiring criminal defence solicitors are just not worth it.

However, traffic crimes can still have a significant impact on an individual’s lifestyle and may result in the loss of licence and a criminal record. A range of other criminal offences are also often seen as insignificant and not worthy of seeking expert legal representation, but these common misconceptions can often have serious implications for the individual. The services that criminal defence lawyers can offer should never be overlooked. Among a range of other important services, these skilled professionals can help individuals save time and money if they are able to convince the Judge for a more ideal sentence, which can be difficult in situations where defendants represent themselves in Court alone.

Clients who are facing traffic-related charges can be confident in the abilities of Benjamin Leonardo – The Defenders. Volunteering their own time to lecture at the Traffic Offenders Intervention Program, our Sydney based team of criminal defence lawyers hold great knowledge and expertise to assist individuals facing a vast range of traffic offences.

Additionally, if you are on trial or are faced with more serious charges such as murder or drug supply, you want to be sure that you have a professional in your corner to help fight for you. In fact, our criminal law firm recently had a successful win in the High Court of Australia in relation to a murder charge. Self-representation, in this case, could have easily had dramatically different results.

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