Benjamin Leonardo – The Defenders, is a Sydney based criminal law firm with expertise in criminal and traffic offences. We have an expansive area of practice that services not only Courts in Sydney but any Local Court and District Court throughout New South Wales and Australia. With daily appearances in Criminal Courts, Benjamin Leonardo – The Defenders, bring a wealth of experience to any legal matter. We promise to give our clients honest, realistic and easy to understand legal advice along with a strong dedication to achieving the best result possible.


As leading traffic and criminal lawyers, Benjamin Leonardo – The Defenders have over 29 years of combined extensive experience in a variety of legal matters. As the best criminal lawyers Sydney, we have conveniently located offices in Parramatta and Sydney. We have represented over 3,800 cases for a multitude of criminal offences  and traffic-related concerns such as drink driving offences, drug-related offences, fraud charges, assault, robbery, domestic violence, extortion, murder and more. We also provide 24-hour assistance with bail applications and support clients with various court appeals.

Our team of best criminal lawyers Sydney are also proud to hold various industry-recognised awards and accreditations which highlight our expertise and commitment to clients. Meanwhile, our knowledge and expertise have been recognised by the Legal Aid Commission of NSW, in which we have been appointed to be on the Serious Criminal Law Panel and General Criminal Law Panel. Additionally, we volunteer as lecturers at the Traffic Offenders Intervention Program, which further reinforces our knowledge and experience. Regardless of the offence, clients can be confident that they’re in professional and highly capable hands.


At Benjamin Leonardo – The Defenders, we take pride in our ability to provide professional and honest legal advice in a supportive and respectful manner. With over 29 years of experience as criminal defence lawyers in Sydney, we understand that appearing before a court for serious or minor traffic-related and criminal offences can be traumatic and stressful.

Clients can be confident that our solicitors are compassionate and empathetic to their individual situations and are dedicated to achieving the best possible result. It is our compassionate and understanding nature to our client’s situations of traffic offences or criminal matters that is a major testament to our criminal law firms Sydney success.

90% Success Rate

As an award-winning criminal law firm in Sydney with over 3,800 clients and cases in our portfolio, Benjamin Leonardo – The Defenders, are proud to have obtained a 90% success rate for our clients. Working on a variety of high profile and minor criminal cases and traffic offences, our solicitors bring a great deal of professionalism, expertise, experience and dedication to every case we work on to achieve the best results for our clients.


With years of experience as Criminal Defence Lawyers in Sydney, Benjamin Leonardo – The Defenders, understand that facing criminal convictions or appearing before a court for traffic offences can be stressful for individuals and their families.

We also understand that ongoing legal costs can further exacerbate stressful situations, and as a result our clients can be confident that there are no hidden surprises with our fixed legal fees and can take advantage of realistic and flexible payment terms. This allows our clients to focus on the issue at hand without any financial stress.


In order to achieve the best results on behalf of the clients that we represent, Benjamin Leonardo – The Defenders, are committed to providing honest, straightforward and easy to understand legal advice. Unlike many other criminal law firms in Sydney, our solicitors are also available 24/7 to respond to requests for bail applications and can promptly attend to Police stations to assist clients with the charging process. Alternatively, clients can contact us at any time via our hotline to respond to immediate requests and concerns. Clients can also rely on our ongoing dedication to achieve the best outcome for their case, in which we provide legal assistance in relation to court appeals to help rectify disappointing results.


Our commitment and dedication constantly ensure that Benjamin Leonardo – The Defenders, provide superior and convenient services that satisfy our client’s needs. We recognise the importance for our criminal lawyers to be based in Parramatta and Sydney as these are central locations and ensure easy accessibility. Therefore, we have established offices in these prominent locations which further cements our position as one of the best criminal law firms in Sydney.

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