Former Bikie Boss Again Refused Bail

The former boss of an outlaw bikie gang has been refused bail for the third time in a Sydney courtroom.

The accused, Scott Orrock, was denied bail in relation to the torching of a police paddy wagon of which he is alleged to have been involved. Supporters of Mr Orrock mocked the courtroom with sarcastic applause, and one man called out “Thank You, Barry O’Farrell”.

The O’Farrell remark was in reference to a push made by the NSW Premier to keep Mr Orrock behind bars until his trial.

Judge Helen Syme was not impressed with the courtroom distraction, and quickly returned the court to order after the sudden outburst.

Mr Orrock’s criminal defence barrister argued that the defendants tattoo business in the inner-western suburb of Newtown would suffer as a result of his absence. She also suggested that the emotional distress on his two adolescent daughters could adversely affect their mental health, but these claims were dismissed by the court.

Prior to this incident, Mr Orrock had been on bail for a total of 17 years in relation to previous legal matters, and he has appeared at every one of his required court hearings.

The accused is allegedly a former boss of the Nomad bikie club, and is rumoured to be a current associate of the Hells Angels. He is charged with setting fire to the police paddy wagon on April 20th this year, as it was parked out the front of his tattoo parlour.
Additional charges relate to threats to damage property and intimidating police.

A trial date has been set for the 8th of October.