Our defence lawyers service all Local Courts, District Courts and Supreme Courts throughout Australia. We have specialist knowledge in the Australian court system and can help defend you. We realise that going to court can be a daunting experience and you can rest assured we can help achieve the best possible legal results for you, utilising our lawyers’ extensive experience in Local Courts, District Courts and Supreme Courts.

The Local Court covers both criminal and civil jurisdictions and deals with the majority of civil matters and summary criminal prosecutions in NSW. Today, of all criminal and civil cases, 98% are finalised in the Local Court. It is also in the Local Court that committal proceedings are conducted to determine whether or not indictable offences are to be committed to the District and Supreme Courts for Trial or Sentence.

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District Courts are effectively the “middle” court in the State’s legal system. The District Court is a trial court and hears certain appeals. The District Court also has both civil and criminal jurisdiction. This court comprises of the Chief Judge and such other judges as the Governor may appoint; the judges preside over some tribunals.

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All Australian States and Territories have a Supreme Court, which is the highest court within each State or Territory. The Supreme Court has unlimited civil jurisdiction and handles the most serious criminal matters. There are two Divisions of the Supreme Court: the Common Law Division and the Equity Division. There is a Chief Judge for each Division and work is divided between them.

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