Mobile Drug Testing & Alcohol Drug Testing


Why Mobile Drug Testing?

Recreational drug use is highly prevalent in Australia, particularly at nightclubs, concerts and festivals. Over the recent years, this has prompted an increased Police Presence as well as Mobile Drug Testing (MDT) Units to be deployed on our roads in much the same way that Random Breath Testing (RBT) is used.

In Australia the law is clear when it comes to drug-related offences, and both the government and law enforcement agencies, take these cases very seriously. If an individual is found guilty of a drug offence the implications can be severe.

What is Mobile Drug Testing?

Driving a motor vehicle whilst under the influence of drugs is illegal in Australia and carries penalties similar to drink driving. If you are pulled over and requested to take a Mobile Drug Test (MDT) the police officer ask that you wipe an absorbent swab stick across your tongue in order to test for traces of illegal drug consumption.

The four drugs that the Mobile Drug Testing Units are able to detect include:

  • Cannabis
  • Speed
  • Ecstasy
  • Cocaine

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Because drug offences are becoming increasingly frequent and are often associated with criminal activity such as violent crime and financial crime, a firm response has been taken by the Australian government and the legal system to dissuade drug use and drug driving.

Driving a motor vehicle is inherently a highly hazardous activity. Because driving is so commonplace, we often take for granted the dangers. Every year the police continue to target drink driving and drug driving more strongly, in an attempt to reduce the number of incidents and fatalities on Australian Roads.

What do I do if I’m Charged?

If you are charged with a drug driving offence after a failed Mobile Drug Test, you are likely to face a drivers licence suspension and/or a hefty fine. It is recommended that you contact a drug defence lawyer who can highlight your best course of action.

A drug defence lawyer, especially one with experience in Australian traffic offence law, can provide you with a quality defence strategy for a roadside drug test charge. For example, a first time offender could appeal for leniency from the court, or you may be able to discuss metabolic factors in relation to the test results.

Speaking with a drug defence lawyer is vital if you are charged with a high range or very serious drug driving charge. These charges are almost always best argued in court by a reputable drug defence lawyer. Enlisting the assistance of an experienced drug and traffic defence lawyer will likely provide you with your best chance for a favourable outcome.

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