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Terrorism Lawyers in Sydney and Parramatta

Since the Twin Tower Bombings in 9/11, the world has woken up to a frightening threat, that has manifested itself into the fears of people around the world. No longer does society feel safe like it once did, and the more Terrorist Acts are displayed on Television Screens, do we feel that Terrorism in general, is now part of our lives.

Terrorism Offences are also becoming more apparent in juveniles under the age of 18. We are seeing more and more cases of younger males being radicalised, and are being easily influenced to carry out Terrorism Acts of Violence on innocent individuals.

However, Terrorism is not just restricted to fundamentalist religious terrorist groups, Terrorism Crime can be seen inflicted by any person or group, without any religious affiliation, as we just witnessed in the atrocious Terrorist Act in Christchurch New Zealand earlier in 2019.

What is Terrorism?

Terrorism occurs when a person engages in an act which is dangerous to human life.

The punishments for Terrorism Offences can be quite severe and more often- than-not will result in custodial sentences being applied.

What are Terrorism Offences?

Riot offences

Defined as a public violent disturbance, a riot is a criminal offence in the State of NSW. Found under section 93B of the Crimes Act 1900 NSW, a riot is when you have 12 or more who are present together, use or threaten unlawful violence for a common purpose and their conduct as-a-whole would cause a reasonable person at the scene to fear for his or her personal safety.

View the Riot Offence Penalties here:

Engaging in Terrorism Offences

Acts of terrorism are taken very seriously in the NSW judiciary system. Whether a specific event defined as terrorism eventuated or an individual simply was involved in the training of terrorist acts to potentially plan an even in the future, the person or persons involved are considered, to be engaging in terrorist acts and therefore will be liable to punishment accordingly.

View the Engaging in Terrorism Offences Penalties here:

Planning a Terrorist Act Offence

Acts of terrorism are taken very serious in Australia and around the globe. In Australia, there are strict counter terrorism and security laws in place to prevent acts of terrorism eventuating in- order-to protect the general-public. As a result, planning or being involved in the planning of a terrorist act is a serious criminal offence, incurring significant penalties if found guilty.

View the Planning a Terrorist Act Offence Penalties here:

Possession of Terrorist Material Offences

Acts of terrorism and its related offences are some of the most serious criminal convictions dealt with in the Australian judiciary system.  In fact, not only is the act of terrorism considered a criminal offence, but the possession of terrorist material can make individuals susceptible to a criminal conviction.

View the Possession of Terrorist Material Offences Penalties here:

If you or your family have been charged with committing a Terrorist Offence, then you should seek the services of a Terrorism Defence Lawyer in Sydney immediately. A Terrorism Lawyer will be able to provide professionally-informed Terrorist Legal Advice, to ensure you understand the Terrorism Offences you have been charged with.

Why do you need a Terrorism Lawyer in Sydney?

With government currently facing numerous challenges in parliament about the nature of how Terrorists can be charged, convicted and dealt with, especially with Police being given more powers to deal more effectively with Terrorist Acts of Violence, it is even more vital for people who have been charged with a Terrorism Offence, to contact reputable Criminal Defence lawyers immediately.

Terrorism Lawyers in Sydney, understand the judicial system but more importantly, are able-to explain the Terrorism Charges and Penalties to their clients. It is at that point that the Terrorism Defence Lawyers can then devise a strategy to ensure their clients receive the best possible outcome for their defence.

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