7 Arrested Over $500m Sydney Drug Bust

Sydney Police have seized a shipment of heroin and ice believed to be worth $500 million. Four men from Hong Kong, and 3 others from Australia were arrested and appeared in court last week facing allegations of operating a major International drug-smuggling ring.

Detectives from the Australian Federal Police orchestrated a joint operation with Australian Customs & Border Protection officers when they raided 8 separate Sydney premises including an inner-city warehouse where the drugs were being stored.

The drugs were hidden inside terracotta pots, which arrived in shipping containers at Sydneys Port Botany. Customs officers detected the drugs upon arrival, however they allowed the shipment to be delivered to the warehouse under surveillance rather than seizing the illicit goods.

Specifics of the shipment have emerged, with police confiscating over 300kg of ice and more than 250kg of heroin, valued at half a billion dollars. It was the largest seizure of ice in Australian history, and the third largest seizure of heroin.

The four alleged participants from Hong Kong lived together in a shared flat in Sydneys CBD. Two of the Australians arrested were apprehended in Green Valley, and the third Australian lived in Fairfield, in Sydneys southwest.

Each of the 7 defendants were refused bail, and have been scheduled to reappear in court on October 17th. It is not yet known if they have hired criminal defence lawyers to handle the case.