Charges Laid Over SMS Messages Inciting Violence

A Male was charged after allegedly utilising SMS services to start and promote violence in Muslim Protests in the city’s CBD.

The man, 21, from Leppington was charged as a result of investigations being conducted during Operation Waterman. The operation began after a violent protest against an ‘Innocence of Muslims’ YouTube video. Protesters clashed with police on the 15th of September forcing officers to user pepper spray in an attempt to stop the assault.

This was the second individual charged for inciting violence during the protests on September 15.

The other individual, who has been charged, a 20-year-old, was charged on Friday for “recruiting persons to engage in criminal activity” and a string of other related charges.

It is alleged by Police that at approximately 7:10am last Wednesday, the man in question, 21, sent a SMS to a large group of individuals in an attempt to promote violence and encourage the group to meet in Sydney’s CBD.

Police have said that this individual was charged in relation to “recruiting others to assist in carrying out a criminal activity and publishing to incite commission of crime.” He is set to front the Sutherland Local Court on the 8th of November.

Further arrests have been made as a result of Operation Waterman, including a 38-year-old on Sunday for SMS messages that were not related to the violent protests.

In a statement by police, this individual sent violent and sexually explicit messages via social media to a woman. He is being charged for “using a carriage service to menace” and will face Raymond Terrace Local Court on the 22nd of October.