Mother & son have been charged

A mother & son have been charged over the stabbing murder of Det. Insp. Bryson Anderson in Oakville. Court documents suggest that the pair have shown no remorse for the act either.

Mitchel and Fiona, 19 and 45 years-old respectively have been charged with murder for the death of Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson in Sydneys north west and chose to remain in their cell during their scheduled court appearance last Friday.

The Detective Inspector, 45, attended the scene in Oakville with  many other officers.

Police have filed for a forensic procedure to be conducted on Mr Barbieri that will include a DNA test.

Neither mother nor son applied for bail which was formally refused and are both set to front the same court on the 14th of December.

The pair have denied murdering the Detective and have shown no remorse for his death court documents have shown.

“The accused show no remorse and a total denial of the offence,” state Mr. Barbieri’s court documents.

“He displays a total disregard for the law and is a real risk to the safety of the community should he be released on bail.”

The documents suggest the same for the mother, Fiona Barbieri, stating that she showed “complete disregard for the law” and she is completely denying the charges.

Although initial reports suggested that Det Insp Andersion was fatally wounded by an axe or bow & arrow, it has been confirmed that it was in fact a knife that inflicted the wound.

“We will be alleging that a knife was used in this attack,” stated the Police Commissioner.

“A knife was used and led to the death.”

The commissioner went on the praise the attempts and efforts of fellow officers and paramedics who tried the save Mr. Anderson’s life before officially pronouncing him dead at hospital.

“I am sure (they did) all that was humanly possible to save his life,” he said.