Man charged with manslaughter after boxer’s death

A jury has accepted the claims that defendant Craig Pitts’ actions were not that of murder due to certain elements of the situation being self defence. Mr. Pitts has been charged with the manslaughter of former professional boxer John Marceta in a housing estate in Redfern.

The jury was told that Mr Marceta was with a group of men who were attempting to buy cannabis from Mr. Pitts at his unit. It is alleged that after Mr. Pitts told the group to leave because he didn’t have cannabis to sell them, the former boxer kicked the door of the accused.

The crown prosecutor alleged that Mr. Pitts proceeded to get a knife from his kitchen before confronting the men and fatally stabbing the victim with a single wound.

The accused stated that he was attacked by the group of men, who had dragged him into the hallway of his housing complex and began assaulting him and that he acted in order to defend himself and his family from the group.

A family member of the accused told police recalled hearing him shout “Ive killed someone, I didn’t mean to … Saving my family.”

A Supreme Court jury found Mr. Pitts’ not guilty of murder, accepting partially his defence, but found him guilty of manslaughter.

The accused is due for sentencing on December 13.