Man Charged Over Truck Drivers Death

Mahmoud Mariam was sentenced today to a maximum of 7 years and 9 months in Jail after a stray bullet he fired hit Bob Knight, a truck driver passing through Milperra at the time of the incident. Mr. Mariam was said to “Wear his contempt for the law as a badge of honour” and that he had not shown the “slightest remorse” according to Justice Megan Latham of the NSW Supreme Court for the killing of Mr. Knight.

Moments after Justice Latham had stated that Mr. Mariam’s likelihood of rehabilitation was “moderate at best” he appeared to be laughing and joking with relatives.

The incident occurred on the 25th of June 2009 when two groups of men converged on the car park of KFC on the corner of Milperra Rd and Henry Lawson Drive at Milperra. The fight between the two groups had been arranged after one of three brothers involved in the incident had punched another young individual in a shopping centre nearby. Both a rifle and a pistol were brought to the meeting where both ended up being fired, a stray bullet, one of approximately 10 rounds allegedly fired by Miriam, tragically hit Mr Knight as he was driving past on Milperra Road.

Mr. Mariam, 28, a man referred to as ‘HEK’, 20, and Adel Elkobaili, 21, where all charged with murder for the reason that all three individuals were in a Joint Criminal Enterprise that had the intention of causing grievous bodily harm. At the conclusion of the case however, all individuals were cleared of murder with Mr. Mariam found to be guilty of manslaughter & affray.
HEK was found to be guilty of property damage & affray while Mr Elkobaili had all charged against him cleared. HEK’s two younger brothers had previously plead guilty to charges of affray in regards to the incident.