How Does Having a Criminal Record Affect Me?

Everybody is human, and as human beings, we can make mistakes from time to time.

Unfortunately, some mistakes cannot be wiped clean in the eyes of the law. A criminal conviction in NSW can cause a person a world of trouble. It can follow a person around for many years, causing devastation and destruction to both their professional and personal lives.

When facing charges that can lead to a criminal record, the accused should always hire a criminal defence lawyer to defend him or her at their court hearing.

A criminal conviction will lead to the following effects;

Criminal Records Can Prevent a Person from Getting a Job

One of the harshest consequences of having a criminal record is the possibility of being rejected by a potential employer because of it.

Most employers hope that their applicants do not have a criminal record. They want to hire people with clean backgrounds to ensure the reputation of the business remains intact.

Employers become concerned when they discover an applicant has a criminal record. Offences which cause great concern are crimes of dishonesty. Usually any criminal conviction will have an effect on a person’s current or future employment.

When asked by an employer whether you have a criminal conviction you must be honest, an employer can in certain circumstances obtain a copy of your criminal record.

An employer can terminate an employee that receives a job offer under false pretences, so omitting a record is unacceptable. Or if you are convicted whilst employed a failure to disclose the offence could also lead to termination.

A Criminal Record Can Prevent a Person from Getting Adequate Housing

Another one of the consequences of having a criminal record is that it hinders a person’s ability to obtain adequate housing in certain circumstances.

Most potential landlords and property owners want to know the background of an applicant prior to accepting their application or allowing them to reside in their properties.

A thorough criminal check is one of the first things that a landlord will want to conduct before he or she signs a lease with someone.

A person may have a hard time finding stable living arrangements due to the fact that people are naturally wary about people who have a criminal record.

Criminal Records Can Affect Your Reputation Amongst Community Members

As mentioned above, human beings have a habit of being wary or judgmental about those who have criminal records.

Strangers, friends, family members, church members, school mates and team mates may look at someone differently after they find that such a person has a criminal record, regardless of the crime of which they were convicted.

Community members may exclude the convicted person from community and family events. The effects of a criminal record can cause emotional and psychological pain of the ex-convict in such a situation.

Criminal Records Could Prevent Overseas Traveling

A NSW resident may have to deal with the consequences of having a criminal record if he or she would like to travel overseas.

A governing organization will most definitely conduct a criminal check before it issues someone a visa to travel to the United States, Canada and many other countries.

In a number of countries a criminal record will make entry difficult, regardless of the charge. While it may not completely end the chances of gaining a visa into the country in question – it can and more than likely will make the process much more difficult.

A Criminal Record May Prevent Adoptions

Adoptions are some of the most precious and stringent procedures for NSW residents because it gives a couple the opportunity and responsibility to look after and care for a child.

Unfortunately, adoption agencies want to ensure that the children are going to be in a safe environment and with people who will not pose any risks to them. This is not to say that you pose a threat to a child, however it is a factor that is considered when determining the result of an application.

Applicants may not have any negative intentions. They may be the most loving persons in the world but a criminal record can destroy such opportunities for them.

How to Expunge Criminal Records in Australia

A NSW resident can apply to have the criminal conviction spent after a certain amount of time has passed.


The main qualification to have a conviction spent is 10 years of crime-free activity.


Once the person has met the requirements, the criminal conviction becomes spent.


The best way to avoid the above stated situations and consequences of having a criminal record is to always try and avoid any decisions or actions that will cause you to break the law.

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