“Honour Killing” Has No Place Here Says Judge

Mohd Shah Saemin, 43, was brutally stabbed and hammered to death outside his Leichhardt apartment complex in 2010. Last week, a Supreme Court jury found Haziaran Iskandar, 57, guilty of the attack and, consequently, the murder.

After an affair between the Malaysian consulate worker and the killer’s wife Nita, 47, became a talking point within the local Indonesian community, Iskandar, with the help of his, then 19 year old son Andrew, performed, what they are referring to as, “an honour killing”.

Saemin, who was on the phone to Nita at the time, was chased down, stabbed and then bashed to death with a hammer. Iskandar, having claimed to be provoked, pleaded guilty for manslaughter not murder. Iskander will now face a sentencing hearing in September.

Justice David Davies said “The whole basis and origin of honour killings is the notion that a woman is the chattel or possession of a man … such a notion has no place in this country”. Davies said Andrew showed no remorse and that his sentence must send a message.

Mrs. Iskandar is also serving two years imprisonment for helping their son, Andrew, flee the country after the murder. The student was discovered in Singapore, returned and arrested for the murder of Saemin last year. Justice Davies has sentenced Andrew Iskandar to 18 years imprisonment.