Daylight shooting in Sydney’s southwest

A 21-year-old male who was already on parole has been charged for the shooting murder of a Joshua George,24, in a brazen daylight shooting.

The Victim, Joshua George, died at the scene as a result of a single gun shot wound to the chest at approximately 1.30pm last Sunday

Police were searching for the 21-year old, Graham Smith, for 5 days before locating him outside Blacktown railway station at around 7.15pm on Thursday. It is believed that the pair had been involved in an argument which escalated into violence the night before.

Police Transport Command officers noticed a suspicious individual wearing a scarf and called for back-up. Once it had arrived officers asked the man to remove the scarf which confirmed the identity of the accused,.

Police have stated that Mr. Smith did not resist arrest although Police had a number of tactical options ready. He was then transported to Blacktown Police station for questioning.

The accused was charged with murder and has been refused bail, due to appear in Blacktown Local Court.