Client Keeps Licence After Breaching Good Behaviour Licence – Section 10

Our client committed a speed camera detected speeding offence which carried enough demerit points to breach his good behaviour licence.  If he had paid the fine for this offence  his driver’s licence would have been suspended for 6 months by the RMS. We advised our client to make an election for the matter to be heard at Court.  Normally Courts are not lenient with drivers who have committed a traffic offence whilst on a good behaviour licence.  But with careful preparation and by obtaining quality references for Court, we were able to persuade the Magistrate in the Local Court to deal with the matter by way of a section 10 good behaviour bond.  This meant that there was no fine,  no attainment of demerit points and most importantly, no loss of licence!  This case was particularly important for our client as he required his driver’s licence to look after his grandson and for his work.

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