Bail Denied For Man Convicted of Abusing Wife

A man has appeared in a Sydney courtroom via video link trying to appeal his conviction for the rape, assault and attempted murder of his wife. 64 year old Kevin Smith pleaded his innocence claiming that in actual fact, it was his wife who had attempted to kill him, not the other way around.

In July 2011, a jury convicted Mr Smith on 17 charges relating to the violence and abuse he had inflicted on his wife throughout their 30 year marriage. Representing himself in court rather than obtaining legal representation, he claimed that he had not been tried by a jury of his peers seeing as the Sydney based jury members did not originate from the rural country area where the crimes took place.

Mr Smith also claimed that his conviction was not based on any legal grounds, that the prosecutions cased was made up of “nothing but a few words” with no evidence or proof that it was he who had committed the crimes.

As Mr Smith continued his tirade, the courtroom microphone was switched to mute to allow the Judge to address his claims and application for bail. Justice Peter Johnson was unpersuaded by anything that the applicant said and therefore refused Mr Smith bail application.