Accused Cop Killer To Stand Trial

A woman from the country town of Tamworth in NSW has made an appearance in a Sydney courtroom facing charges in relation to murdering police officer David Rixon.

Senior Constable, David Rixon, died from a gunshot wound on March 2 after stopping a car in Tamworth.

Local woman Monica Sampson, the fourth person to be charged in relation to the murder, appeared at Parramatta Local Court on Thursday for the crime of accessory to the murder. The court heard that she had disposed of 27 unfired 38-calibre cartridges more than three weeks after the crime was committed.

Sampson has not filed for bail and will appear again in court on August 15. A Tamworth man, 48, has been charged for the murder of Highway Patrol Officer Rixon. A 47-year-old woman and 22-year-old man who are also facing charges for accessory to murder are expected to seek legal representation.