$3.5 million worth of drugs have been seized

A man in Brisbane Airport has been arrested after he was found in position of a Kilogram of Methamphetamine (Ice) in his carry-on luggage say Police.

The accused, a 36 year-old man from Sydney, along with another male, 36, located in Melbourne, were placed under arrest on Wednesday in the midst of a blitz on organised drug operations in Brisbane’s notorious nightclub district in Fortitude Valley.

Queensland Police officers have alleged that the drugs, mainly ecstasy and ice, were being imported into the region by the network’s distributors via hand luggage taken onto domestic flights.

The 18-month long investigation, Operation Juliet Cheshire, was set up to look at drug trafficking and trade in Queensland’s southeast with a particular focus on a number of prominent nightclubs.

Meanwhile a Melbourne man, 36, has been arrested along with the 36-year-old Sydney sider for their involvement in the transportation of the drugs.
As a result of their arrests and the fact that both men reside outside of Queensland, both men were extradited to Queensland in order to face the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Thursday, facing the charges of trafficking dangerous drugs.

These arrests follow the apprehension of a Victoria Point man, 27, who was identified and arrested after flying to Brisbane from Sydney on the 26th of March, allegedly carrying a Kilo if crystallised methamphetamine.

Following the interception of the 27-year-old, his home was searched where approximately 4 thousand MDMA pills were found, a large sum of cash and a further 2 kilograms of methamphetamine.

Along with these arrests, a 34-year-old male has also been located by Police conducting the search of the property.

These two individuals have been charged conjointly with one count of both drug trafficking and possessing proceeds of crime and three counts of possession of dangerous drugs and are due to face the Brisbane magistrates count on the 6th of May.

Detective Superintendent Steve Holahan has stated his concern at the age of the individuals who have been charged to date, most being between 18 and 24 years of age and have no prior offences.

“Some of them haven’t got even as much as a traffic ticket,” he told reporters.
“It’s surprising the risks they were prepared to take.”