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Is Street Racing Illegal In Australia?

Street racing involves two or more vehicles excessively speeding on a public road in order to race their vehicles. The act of street racing, whether it is planned or impromptu, is highly dangerous for those involved as well as surrounding citizens. For this reason, it is a significant traffic offence and is illegal in Australia, with harsh consequences for those involved. Because these charges are taken very seriously by the police and court system, it is important to speak to a professional lawyer who has experience in traffic infringement charges.

Traffic Infringement lawyers understand the details of charges related to street racing and know how best to present these cases in court. For example, in order to be charged with a street racing traffic offence, you must be involved in the organisation, promotion, or take part in the following:

  • A race between vehicles on a road.
  • Attempting to break a vehicle speed limit on a road.
  • Test a vehicle’s speed on a road.
  • Take part in any competitive trial designed to test the skill of a driver, or the reliability or mechanical condition of a vehicle on a road.

What happens if you get pulled over for racing?

If you are suspected of street racing and questioned by police, there are a range of charges that you may face. The penalties are generally not as harsh for first time offenders, but those who are caught street racing on multiple occasions will be dealt more severe punishments.

If you are pulled over for street racing, a police officer may confiscate the number plates of the vehicles involved at the scene, meaning that those involved will be unable to drive their vehicles for a fixed period of time. The penalties for those that drive a vehicle that has had its number plates confiscated are quite severe. Alternatively, they may impound the vehicles involved for a fixed period or immediately suspend the licences of those involved.

What penalties could be imposed?
First time street racing offenders can expect to receive a fine and are unlikely to serve time in prison. Those who are caught on multiple occasions can expect to pay a fine and/or serve a prison term. Licence disqualification will also apply for a fixed term for persons convicted of a street racing offence.

Repeat offenders may have to forfeit their vehicle. These forfeited vehicles are usually sold to recover collection and storage costs. However, some of these vehicles are given to the Roads and Maritime Services to carry out crash testing.

It is important to note that penalties can vary significantly between different street racing cases. The court will use its discretion to pass down an appropriate punishment for the case. Depending on the circumstances, a court may impose lighter punishments, such as small fines, community service or a good behaviour bond. These varying potential outcomes can be significantly impacted by the experience and expertise of the representing lawyer, therefore, it is important to seek out the representation of such a lawyer.

What if I am charged with a street racing offence?
If you or someone you know has been caught taking part in an illegal street race, it is best to seek legal advice from our experienced traffic lawyers at Benjamin Leonardo in order to achieve a favourable outcome. Our traffic infringement lawyers are highly experienced in defending people who have committed a street racing offence and can provide you with expert legal advice and representation.

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