How to Represent Yourself for a Drink Driving Offence

Drink driving offences refer to several distinct violations that can be prosecuted in NSW and are among the most prosecuted criminal crimes in NSW. If you have been charged with a drink driving offence, you will be required to appear in court and face the consequences of your actions.

The second issue you should consider is whether you need a lawyer to represent your drink driving offence or if you can defend yourself against a drink driving offence. This may be necessary if individuals accused of a drink driving offence are not able to afford a traffic lawyer. So as the best traffic lawyers, we’ve produced a list of our top suggestions for people who choose to represent themselves in a drink driving offence.

By the end of this article, you will have a solid understanding of the complexities defending yourself for a drink driving offence entails and how the best traffic lawyers at The Defenders can help.

Prepare to be Respectful in Court

When preparing to stand before a Magistrate for your drink driving offence, it’s critical to make an excellent first impression. This can be achieved by arriving early to court and dressing professionally and modest. If you don’t have any acceptable attire, a friend or family member may be willing to lend you something.

The Magistrate is the one who holds the key to a favourable outcome in your drink driving offence, so be courteous to them whenever in court. Try not to chat in the courtroom, don’t bring beverages or newspapers in, and pay attention to the Magistrate when they’re speaking.

Always address the Magistrate as ‘Your Honour,’ and never interrupt them, much less engage in a debate with them about your drink driving offence. It’s vital to keep calm and avoid fighting with the Magistrate, who may become agitated or annoyed with what you say.

Consider Enrolling into Programs that Prove you are Bettering Yourself

Completing programs related to drink driving offence rehabilitation demonstrates to the court that you are taking measures to improve your behaviour. Some examples of programs that are helpful for drink driving offences include:

Traffic Offender Intervention Programs consist of a series of seminars aimed at informing drivers about the dangers of driving recklessly and intoxicated. This type of drink driving offence rehabilitation program generally lasts six or eight weeks with weekly sessions.

In addition, an alcohol interlock program can potentially decrease your disqualification term. An alcohol interlock is a breathalyser installed in your vehicle, which requires the driver to give a breath sample to the breathalyser in order to drive the vehicle.

Demonstrating your willingness to participate in such drink driving offence rehabilitation programs might help you get your licence back sooner or result in a more forgiving punishment for your drink driving offence.

Supply at Least Three Types of Character References

Good character references can also help your drink driving offence case, as they demonstrate you have taken responsibility for your actions and have confessed your offences to the people who matter to you.

Any credible adult who knows you well and can attest to your excellent characters, such as your employer, a church leader, or a family member, can provide a character reference for your drink driving offence case.

What Kind of Plea Should I Make for the Drink Driving Offences?

If you believe you will be unable to defend your drink driving offence accusation successfully, it may be in your best interests to enter a guilty plea. If you bring a matter to trial without a defence, the judge may be annoyed that you wasted the court’s time.

You have the right to a trial and should not be punished for exercising it, but most courts will give you a break when imposing a penalty if you plead guilty and take responsibility for your drink driving offence.

Consider pleading guilty if your defence is “I only had two drinks.” Judges hear that all the time. They are more likely to believe the alcohol test results than someone who has been drinking.

On the other hand, if you believe you have a valid defence to your drink driving offence accusation, you may choose to go to trial. If you are charged with a low range, special range, or beginner range drink driving offence, you may face a lengthier licence suspension or a larger fine if you are convicted but challenging the drink driving offence charge will not result in a longer-term.

How Would a Traffic Lawyer Help My Drink Driving Offences?

If your liberty, work or lifestyle is at stake due to a drink driving offence, you need the best traffic lawyers on your side who can confidently and expertly defend your charge in the courts. At The Defenders, our best traffic lawyers will provide you with a drink driving defence strategy to help defend your drink driving offence in the best manner possible.

For more information on the Full list of other Driving of Traffic Offences, penalties and defence strategies.

Specifically, if you face a lengthy sentence in prison because of a drink driving offence, it is in your best interest to hire the best traffic lawyers. Such circumstances can include if you’ve been charged with:

  • A high-level PCA drink driving offence,
  • A repeat drink driving offence,
  • A drink driving offence that resulted in an injury or property damage (even if you were the one who was harmed),
  • Or if your drink driving offence threatened other people.

The best traffic lawyers at The Defenders will be able to explain your drink driving offence and traffic offence straightforwardly so that you can fully grasp the charges you are faced with and the possible implications of those charges. For example, if you commit a high range drink driving offence, a drink driving lawyer will be able to educate you about the nature of the violation you have committed in a way that is easy for you to understand, as well as clearly outlining the drink driving penalties that you may face.

When searching for a reputable traffic lawyer to defend your drink driving offence, it is imperative that you find the best traffic lawyer who has both experience and a high success rate in helping their clients to achieve positive outcomes.

Whether you are facing drink driving penalties, a speeding offence or any other type of traffic offence, experience in the field of traffic law is imperative in providing you with the best possible defence.

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