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How to Find a Reputable Driving & Traffic Offence Lawyer

Traffic offences are some of the most committed offences in Sydney. Recent traffic infringement spikes have occurred due to Covid-19 lockdown restrictions lowering the numbers of people driving on the road and leading to reckless behaviour in drivers.  As a driver, the lives of others are in our hands and it’s extremely important to be vigilant at all times and to follow the road rules strictly, regardless of how many cars are on the road. However, if you ever do find yourself facing a driving offence charge, it’s in your best interest to seek the services of a highly experienced and professional traffic offence lawyers, who understands traffic law and will be able to advise you of the most effective defence for your specific case. A driving offence lawyer can offer expert guidance for managing the defence of a range of common traffic offences including:

A traffic offence lawyer will be able to assist you if you have been charged with any of the above driving offences, especially if you are required to go to court. Fighting a traffic offence can be incredibly stressful, potentially negatively impacting your emotional health. No one wants to be charged with a driving offence but with effective guidance from an expert traffic offence lawyer, the process will be much less complicated and stressful with the support of lawyers experienced in this field of law who can assist in defending you in a court of law.

A professional driving offence lawyer will be able to explain your traffic offences in a straightforward manner, so that you are able to fully grasp the charges you are faced with and the possible implications of those charges. For example, if you commit a high range drink driving offence, a drink driving lawyer will be able to educate you about the nature of the offence you have committed in a way that is easy for you to understand, as well as clearly outlining the drink driving penalties that you may face.

When searching for a reputable driving defence lawyer to defend your traffic offence case, it’s imperative that you find a lawyer who has a high success rate in helping their clients to achieve a positive outcome. Whether you are facing drink driving penalties, a speeding offence or any other type of driving offence, experience in the field of traffic law is imperative in providing you with the best possible defence.

Benjamin Leonardo are outstanding Driving Offence Lawyers. They understand the strain driving offence cases have on their clients and families alike and provide sympathetic, non-judgemental expert advice and support to their clients. With offices in Sydney and Parramatta conveniently located near both the local and district courts they will make the process of your legal defence transparent and manageable. Having defended more than 3,800 cases and with a success rate of over 90%, Benjamin Leonardo Driving Offence Lawyers in Sydney & Parramatta, provide their clients with informed legal advice and flexible payment terms. If you have been charged with a driving offence, please contact Benjamin Leonardo on (02) 9283 3033, for your first Consultation.