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How Does Having a Criminal Record Affect Your Life?

We are all human, and we can make mistakes from time to time. Unfortunately, some mistakes can get you into legal trouble. A criminal conviction in NSW will complicate your day to day life in a number of ways. Because your criminal record sticks around as a representation of your past actions, often for many years, this negative association will be a black mark against you for employment, housing and other common applications. Therefore, it is important when facing charges that can lead to a criminal record, you should consider hiring a criminal defence lawyer to prepare and argue your defence in court, for the best chance to reduce the severity of your sentence.


A criminal record can prevent you getting a job. This is one of the harshest consequences of having a criminal record. Most employers hope that their applicants do not have a criminal record. They want to hire and employ people with unblemished backgrounds to ensure the integrity of the business remains intact, by avoiding association with criminality.

Employers become nervous when they discover job applications with criminal convictions. In particular, offences of great concern are crimes of violence and dishonesty. But it is quite common for any criminal conviction to have a negative impact on employment prospects.

You must not lie about your criminal record on application for employment. If asked by an employer whether you have a criminal conviction you must be honest. An employer can in certain circumstances get a copy of your criminal record. An employer can terminate an employee that receives a job offer under false pretences, so it is always best to be upfront. If you are convicted whilst employed, failing to disclose the criminal offences could also lead to termination.

A criminal record on rental applications can be a red flag for potential landlords. A significant consequence of having a criminal record is that landlords may not accept your rental application. Most potential landlords will request to know the criminal background of an applicant prior to accepting their application. Having a criminal record on a rental application is important as one of the first things a landlord will do before signing a lease is a thorough criminal record check.

Because most people are naturally wary of others with criminal records, a criminal charge is likely to be a deciding factor when making a choice between rental applications.

A criminal history can also affect your reputation in the community. Having a criminal record in Australia will most likely result in others perceiving you differently. People may act with more caution around you, including strangers and even friends and family. Regardless of the crime that was committed you could find yourself excluded from events and the community due to the emotional and psychological pain that surrounds a criminal conviction.

Travelling with a criminal record can be complicated. A NSW resident may have to deal with the consequences of having a criminal record if he or she would like to travel overseas. Most countries conduct a criminal record check before issuing a Visa for Travel.

In a number of countries, a criminal record will make entry difficult, regardless of the charge. A criminal record may affect you getting a passport or make the process more time consuming and complicated.

Adoptions are some of the most stringent procedures for Australian’s to undertake. Adoption Agencies are very cautious as to ensure the safety of children. So your criminal record may affect you getting custody of a child. It is a significant factor to be considered when determining the result of an application. Even if you can provide a loving and safe home, your criminal record can limit these kinds of opportunities for you.

These examples show how important a clean criminal record is. Therefore, if you are yet to be charged with a criminal offence, it is important to get the best defence. A professional criminal defence lawyer will ensure you have the best chance of beating a conviction or lessening a potential sentence.

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