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Criminal Defence Lawyers in Sydney

If you or your family live in Sydney and have been accused with committing a criminal offence, then it is wise to seek the services of a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Sydney immediately. A Criminal Lawyer or otherwise commonly known as a Criminal Defence Lawyer will be able to provide professionally-informed Criminal Legal Advice, to ensure you understand the Criminal Offences you have been charged with.

The role of a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Sydney, is to defend people who have been accused of committing a crime. Criminal Lawyers conduct research, they analyse the prosecutions brief of evidence, and then they present their findings in court, in order-to help defend their clients’ charges, outlined by the Police Prosecution.

Why do you need a Criminal Lawyer in Sydney?

Experienced Criminal Lawyers in Sydney, understand the judicial system but more importantly, are able-to explain the Criminal Charges and Penalties to their clients. It is at that point that the Criminal Defence Lawyers can then devise a strategy to ensure their clients receive the best possible outcome for their defence.

What is a Criminal Offences?

A criminal offence or crime, is a wrongdoing to either a person or society. There are various levels of Criminal Offences, which range from lesser serious crimes such as Public Mischief, through to more serious Criminal Offences like Murder and Manslaughter.

Types of Criminal Offences

There are many types of Criminal Offences, where you would require the legal representation of a Criminal Lawyer in Sydney, and they are as follows:

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Each of these types of Criminal Offences, require the expert services of highly-experienced Criminal Defence Lawyers, who have proven successes in defending their clients specifically in criminal matters. It is vital to engage the legal services of a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Sydney, who has a thorough understanding of Australian Criminal Law.

Depending on the type of Criminal Offence you may have been charged with, will determine the severity of the punishment applicable. And the more serious the crime, the greater chances a defendant may have of incurring a custodial sentence.

What you should do if you have been charged with a Criminal Offence in Sydney?

As soon as you have been charged with a Criminal Offence, you must Contact a Criminal Lawyer in Sydney, so they can explain the criminal charges you are facing. It is at this stage that the Criminal Defence Lawyer, will outline the types of defence strategies they may employ, which may help provide you with the best possible outcome. They will also give you advice on how to proceed and more importantly outline what you should and shouldn’t say or do, prior to your charges being heard in the courts.

What are the possible outcomes for Criminal Offences?

The maximum penalty you may receive, if you are found guilty of a criminal offence is set out in laws that have been made by parliament. The magistrate will apply a penalty, depending on the kind of offence and your circumstances.

Some of the types of Criminal Offence Penalties range from Fines, Community Correction Orders or even Gaol. And the penalties will also take into-account the seriousness of the crime through to a range of other mitigating factors from the offenders’ past, history and other personal circumstances.

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