I am delighted to be able to provide a reference for Leo Premutico, Partner at Benjamin Leonardo.

Leo was referred to us by Senior Counsel on a matter regarding our son. In our first consultation with him we were impressed with the professionalism he displayed in approaching the matter, the speed at which he grasped the essence of the case, the clarity with which he spelt out the law in relation to the case, and the clear and concise advice he gave us in respect of the preparation that was required to be done.

In court, Leo was very strategic in respect of his approach to the Magistrate, his timing of the defence submission, his presentation of the defence case where he emphasised all relevant issues that strengthened the defence. He was respectful but firm, and needless to say we achieved a good result.

Leo is very personable, very approachable, and very responsive, important qualities especially where young persons are concerned. We were impressed by the manner in which he counselled and encouraged our son, and how he was able to make our son feel comfortable in what can be a daunting environment.

We have no hesitation in recommending Leo as an excellent defence lawyer.