Centrelink Fraud Lawyer Sydney


Centrelink Fraud Lawyers Sydney

Centrelink fraud occurs when people dishonestly receive money in the form of a benefit from the Australian Taxation Office.

There are several types of Centrelink frauds, which include:

Welfare fraud

There are various ways in which welfare fraud is committed, and can occur when someone may make a claim for welfare by using a false identity for monetary gain.

A welfare fraud offence may also be committed when an individual may report less income on their tax returns or when they withhold information about their personal assets.

Welfare fraud may also occur when people may be living with other people but claim they are living alone, in order-to get more substantial welfare payments.

Additionally, if someone is claiming a welfare benefit for someone who has died, and they have failed to report the death of that person, then welfare fraud would also apply in this instance.

It is also very important that should you be claiming welfare from the Australian Government and you leave the country for any reason, you must inform Centrelink that you are planning to leave Australia, otherwise welfare fraud would also apply.

Child support fraud

This type of fraud is also taken quite seriously from the Australian Government and it is very important that people who are claiming child support, understand their legal obligations, to ensure they abide by the rules set out by the governing departments.

Child support fraud occurs when people make false statements about their income or personal assets in order to receive welfare payments. Misleading statements made by individuals to the government about their personal financial income or assets, would also be classified as a type of Centrelink fraud. Additionally, if someone is claiming their children are in care when they are not, this is also child support fraud against Centrelink.

Health fraud

Health fraud offences occur when people make claims for health-related services they didn’t receive, or when they pretend to be someone else by using their Medicare cards. Health fraud can also include people forging prescriptions for medicines under the Pharmaceutical Benefits scheme.

There are also times where people may be committing welfare fraud by simply forgetting to notify government agencies for changes in the personal circumstances, and as innocent as it may sound, Centrelink takes this quite seriously, and it is the responsibility of the individual to ensure they do not receive any Centrelink payments, when they may not be entitled to them anymore.

Centrelink fraud is treated as a serious crime by the Australian Tax Office, and Centrelink fraud has a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment.

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If you have been charged with a Centrelink fraud offence, whether you feel it has been an honest mistake or whether your Centrelink offence may be quite serious, it’s important to seek the services of an experienced Fraud Lawyer, so they can explain the penalties associated with your Centrelink fraud charges and associated fraud penalties you may face.

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