AVO Lawyers Sydney


AVO Lawyers Sydney

How can an AVO Impact me?

If you have received an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO), issued by the Court then you may be interested to know what an Apprehended Violence Order is and how it can impact you. An AVO Lawyer in Sydney can outline the various conditions of an AVO and highlight the restrictions that it mandates.

An AVO Lawyer will explain to you the Apprehended Violence Order in detail, including the key mandatory conditions:

  • The offender must not assault or threaten the person for whom an AVO (protection) is granted.
  • The offender must not stalk, harass or intimidate the protected person.
  • The offender must not destroy or cause any damage to the property of the protected person.

Additionally the court can include numerous other stipulations within the AVO with further restrictions such as:

  • Going near the victim protected under ADVO.
  • Going near the victim’s household and/or their workplace.
  • Going near the protected person within 12 hours of consuming alcohol or other illicit substances.
  • Contacting or communicating with them through any direct or indirect means.
  • Tracking the movements of the protected person/s.

It is important that you ensure your AVO Lawyer explains each of these Apprehended Violence Order conditions to you, so that you fully and completely understand the restrictions on your movements, communications and actions. If you break any of the stated conditions you are at risk of further criminal charges and associated penalties.

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Why was I issued with an AVO?

If you are facing criminal charges, such as domestic violence, or a harassment or abuse complaint has been made against you, it is common for an AVO to be issued. In most cases an AVO is taken out against a family member, spouse, ex-spouse or partner.

After receiving an AVO you may have a number of questions, best answered by an experienced AVO Lawyer. An AVO Lawyer is a specialist criminal defence lawyer with extensive knowledge of domestic violence cases. They have experience representing clients who are facing charges of domestic violence and are the best source of guidance during this confusing and stressful situation.

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How serious is it?

Domestic Violence Offences, especially those involving Apprehended Violence Orders are regarded as very serious by the courts and are best handled by a professional AVO Lawyer. If you are looking for expert legal representation for a Domestic Violence Charge or require more information regarding an AVO or ADVO contact our office for advice immediately.

Our team of experienced AVO Lawyers have conveniently located offices nearby the local district law courts in Sydney and Parramatta. At Benjamin Leonardo, our Lawyers understand the strain that Criminal Charges can take on our clients. We provide support, sympathetic and non-judgemental advice to help you through the stresses of a legal proceeding.

Benjamin Leonardo have defended more than 3,800 cases and with a success rate of over 90%. Our Expert Lawyers provide Domestic Violence Legal Services in Sydney & Parramatta and offer flexible payment terms. If you are facing a Domestic Violence Offence, please contact Benjamin Leonardo on (02) 9283 3033, for a  first consultation.