Drink driving statistics – infographic

The facts and figures around all drink driving statistics are really quite startling. When looking at figures like the ages of individuals involved in fatal accidents, the genders involved and the various others, it is apparent that more people need to be educated about the dangers of drink driving.

The graphic below helps to display the raw facts about drink driving. Depicting all major statistics around drink driving, relationships between the information can be seen and conclusion drawn about the issue.

The statistics show that the more alcohol that is in your system, the more likely you are to be involved in an accident. The risks for various Blood Alcohol Concentration levels are listed below:

–          0.05 Means you are at double the risk of having an accident.

–          0.08 Means you are 7 times more likely to be involved in an accident

–          0.15 Means you are 25 times more likely to be in an accident.

Take a look at the graphic, share it with a friend, partner, son or daughter and help them understand the real dangers of drink driving and the problems it causes on our roads not only for the person driving under the influence of alcohol, but other people involved in incidents caused by them.


Drink driving statistics

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