Dash Cams In Australia: A New Trend With Australian Motorists

A Growing Trend

More Australians have a dashcam installed in their vehicle, and a growing number indicate that owning a dashcam is something that they support and would like to have themselves.

A dashcam is a device that is planted either on the dasboard or on the inner windshield of a vehicle in order to record all events in front of the car while driving.

Some are even left on when the driver is not present.

This is of great importance to a growing number of Australians because of the rising trends in automobile accidents, road rage and other incidents experienced behind the wheel.

Many Australians want one installed to record all these events to be sure that they have evidence to be used for insurance purposes or criminal charges.

Fears of Road Rage

One large reason for having a dashcam installed is to record events of road rage.

Road rage happens when an angry driver lets his emotions get the better of him or her, leading to erratic, aggressive behaviour and driving in an aggressive manner.

Road rage has been the cause of many accidents, assaults and catastrophes to a number of Australians.

It is not uncommon for one caught up in the storm of road rage to exit his vehicle and attempt to assault another driver.

Sometimes these assaults end in the loss of life or hospitalisation.

News.com.au describes road rage as “highway terrorism” and says that there have been incidents where guns and other weapons were used on victims.

The outcome is devastating at times.

Without a dashcam to record the assaults victims are left in confusion about the perpetrator. If there is a lack of evidence of who committed the assault, there is no one to arrest and justice cannot be served.

The Herald Sun reports that more units are being sold in Australia now than at any time before.

Many of those interviewed cite road rage as a large concern and reason for purchasing a camera to install in their car.

There is also a fear of break-ins happening without finding the suspect, a fear which is being quelled with the installation of a camera in the car to monitor what happens when the owner is not in the car.

Insuring Fairness

When an accident happens a driver is often in a state of shock.

Accidents happen suddenly and the exact order of events are many times forgotten or confused.

This can lead to a difficulty in assessing the best outcome for those involved in the accident.

Lawsuits and unfair payments are not uncommon when events are not clear.

Having a dashcam installed prevents the likelihood of insurance scams.

Police are now recommending that these cameras are installed because of the “visual evidence” that may be provided in the unfortunate circumstance that an accident happens.

Some in the police force are even going as far to say that the level of driving will improve tremendously with more dashcams being used because drivers will not be able to commit insurance scams and get away with them.

A Growing Community

There is a growing interest and online community surrounding vehicle cams.

In one Facebook group members have been posting videos that they captured themselves showing a wide variety of events.

There is everything to be found, from road rage to tragedies.

The popularity of the page has been taking off the past couple of years as more and more Australian drivers are installing dashcams. The importance of an online community is threefold.

Firstly, the drivers are finding a place to share their own footage as well as view what others have recorded. This leads to a greater understanding of the dangers of the road. It also brings about ample discussion on the issues facing drivers each day in Australia.

Secondly, members of the Facebook group are educating each other on how to notice signs of road rage and erratic driving.

They have an open forum to discuss ways to deal with dangerous drivers. This leads to a better understanding of safe driving procedures.

Thirdly the group is a place where drivers may ask for assistance in tracking down dangerous drivers, insurance scammers or hit-and-run perpetrators.

Without such a resource many Australians would be left alone in a state of helplessness after an incident.

The benefits of having a dashcam are being discussed and explored every day. This movement is growing and will soon be a much more common discussion among drivers across the board.